Home REIT Faces Scrutiny as Sixth Charity Tenant Folds Amid Financial Irregularities

Home REIT, a social housing investor focused on providing housing for the homeless, is embroiled in controversy as its sixth charity tenant, Noble Tree Foundation, collapses. This marks another blow for Home, which has been plagued by financial instability and regulatory scrutiny.

Noble Tree Foundation’s Collapse

Noble Tree Foundation, a charity providing housing for vulnerable veterans, recently entered administration. This development follows revelations that its bosses, Jakob Kinde and Matt Fearnley, made unauthorized payments totaling nearly £1.2 million to their own companies before the collapse. These payments, labeled as “brokerage commission fees” and “management fees,” breached the Charity Commission’s regulations​ (CityAM).

Wider Impact on Home REIT

Home REIT itself has been facing significant challenges, including a high rate of tenant bankruptcies. The company has only collected a small portion of its billed rent in recent months and is under investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority. The collapse of Noble Tree means that REIT will have to surrender 143 leases, further reducing its rental income​ (CityAM).

Previous Tenant Issues

This incident follows similar issues with other Home tenants. For example, Big Help and Lotus Sanctuary have also surrendered numerous properties amid regulatory scrutiny over financial mismanagement. Home REIT’s former biggest tenant, Lotus Sanctuary, paid its directors over £1.2 million before going into administration​ (CityAM)​.

Financial and Operational Challenges

Home REIT has been attempting to stabilize by appointing AEW as its new investment manager after sacking the previous manager, Alvarium. Despite these efforts, the firm has struggled to recover from the fallout of tenant bankruptcies and ongoing investigations into its financial practices.

Future Prospects

The future of Home REIT remains uncertain as it navigates these financial and operational challenges. The company’s ability to stabilize its portfolio and restore investor confidence will be crucial in determining its long-term viability.

Home REIT, in collaboration with property advisor AEW, is closely coordinating with the appointed administrator, CBW Recovery, to facilitate the surrender of Noble Tree’s leases and ensure a smooth transition of its tenancies.

Despite this process, the underlying residents of the properties will not experience any disruptions. Home REIT has assured that their living arrangements will remain unaffected by the surrender of Noble Tree’s tenancies.

Following the transfer of leases to Home REIT, the company will be able to effectively manage the properties, increase rent collection, and undertake necessary asset management activities.

Noble Tree’s properties are currently leased to tenants in the private rented sector under assured shorthold tenancies.

Home REIT has outlined plans to either re-lease the properties to a social housing provider or appoint a property manager to oversee day-to-day operations and rent collection, ensuring the continued smooth functioning of these properties.


The collapse of Noble Tree Foundation adds to the mounting problems for Home REIT, highlighting serious issues within the company’s tenant management and financial oversight. As REIT works to address these challenges, it will need to demonstrate robust governance and financial stability to regain the trust of investors and stakeholders.

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