Blackstone Acquires 1,750 Homes from Vistry Group for £580 Million

Vistry Group, a prominent UK housebuilder, has secured a landmark £580 million deal with Blackstone Real Estate and Regis Group. The agreement involves the sale of approximately 1,750 homes, primarily located in southeast England, across 36 of Vistry’s active developments. Leaf Living, backed by Blackstone and Regis, will manage these properties. This strategic move aligns with Vistry’s model of pre-selling homes, ensuring financial stability and expediting construction timelines. The initial completions under this agreement are anticipated by June 2024, with the majority of homes ready within two years.


Blackstone Key Details of the Deal

  1. Portfolio Overview:

    • The portfolio includes around 1,750 homes.
    • Homes are spread across 36 developments mainly in southeast England.
  2. Management and Operation:

    • Managed by Leaf Living, a provider of private rented sector housing.
    • Leaf Living is supported by funds managed by Blackstone and Regis.
  3. Strategic Benefits for Vistry:

    • Aligns with Vistry’s strategy of pre-selling two-thirds of its properties.
    • Accelerates build programs and reduces sales and build costs.
    • Provides certainty in work for the supply chain and helps address the UK’s housing shortage.
  4. Statements from Key Figures:

    • Greg Fitzgerald, CEO of Vistry: Emphasized the importance of partnerships in delivering high-quality homes and supporting the company’s business model.
    • James Seppala, Head of European Real Estate at Blackstone: Highlighted the role of institutional private capital in addressing the undersupply in the UK’s private rented sector.

Broader Implications

This deal is a significant step in addressing the UK’s housing crisis, leveraging private capital to enhance housing stock and meet demand in the private rental market. It also underscores the trend of major financial players like Blackstone investing heavily in real estate, particularly in the UK, to capitalize on structural undersupplies in housing.


The £580 million agreement between Vistry Group and Blackstone is a substantial development in the UK housing market, showcasing the potential of strategic partnerships in tackling housing shortages. This move not only benefits Vistry through financial and operational stability but also contributes to the broader goal of increasing housing availability in a market facing significant supply challenges. The completion of these homes over the next two years will be closely watched as a barometer for similar future investments and developments in the sector.

For more details, you can read the full article on The Construction Index.

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